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This is your guide into a deeper and more meaningful prayer life that will lead to a more connected relationship with God. In other words, it will take you from "I'm not experiencing anything when I pray" to "WOW! I felt God's presence while we talked"! 
I share exactly how I began connecting to God on deeper levels through prayer and how those simple practices can help you go deeper. 

This workbook is for you if you're wanting: 
✔   Connect with God on a deeper level
✔   Know what to say when you pray 
✔   Recognize God's voice
✔   Experience freedom in your prayer life 

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Worksheets, guides & templates created to help you connect to God in deeper & more meaningful ways. 
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Connecting to God in Prayer 101 Workbook

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This Focus Calendar is going to keep you organized and focused on what the Lord is doing in your life this year. Each month has questions that will help you reflect on the month, release something to the Lord and rejoice in what he is doing in your life

This calendar is for you if you're looking to:
✔   Stay Organized
✔   Be focused on what God is doing in your life
✔   Have one place to keep track of your spiritual growth
✔  Be given a Scripture verse to focus on each month

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2024 Focus Calendar