What if you could finally go into your time in scripture knowing that you have everything you need to understand what's written and hear from the Lord? 


You're completely confused & don't even know where to start

You desperately want to connect with God through his written word

You feel overwhelmed with all the products out there that are supposed to be super helpful 

You don't feel equipped let alone able to grasp what scripture says

Let me guess.. 

You need help for your specific situation and knowing how to seek God in scripture about what to do, let me help you do that through personalized guidance through deeper Bible dives.

Resources to take your time in scripture to the next level that are only accessed through coaching one-on-one with Kala.

Personalized Guidance 

Exclusive Resources

Get a weekly or bi-weekly call on the books with Kala Diane and get the clarity you're looking for in your Bible time. 

One-on-one Calls

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